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  • Marketing is an insightful process for thinking about and planning for market economy. The process starts with researching the marketplace to understand its dynamics. The marketer uses research to identify opportunities-that is, to find individuals or groups of people with unmet needs or a latent interest in some product or service. The company must formulate a broad strategy and define a specific marketing mix and action plan to optimize its long-run performance. Therefore, students must to understand marketing and marketing management and its relating with other functions in business, understand real problems in marketing.

In addition, today’s customers are placing greater weight on quality and value in making their purchase decisions. Today’s marketers are focusing on creating lifelong customers by building relationship. That is why customer service is becoming more and more important for marketers in business

Microeconomics focuses on studying behaviors of economic agents such as businesses, households and government in choosing to employ productive scarce resources in production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. By using economic models and marginal analysis method (or optimal technique method) which compares marginal benefit and marginal cost, microeconomics provides an explanation for behaviors of individuals (businesses, households and government) in choosing to maximize their economic welfare.

Microeconomics can be used as a tool for both managerial and public- policy decision making. With a such important role, microeconomics covers many basic topics such as demand and supply, consumer behavior, production, market structure and competitive strategy, market failure and the role of government, etc.

For students who care about how the world works, microeconomics is one of the most relevant and interesting subjects they study. A good grasp of microeconomics is vital for managerial decision making, and designing and understanding public policy and more generally for appreciating how a modern economy function.

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